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I'm just your average brony... Who happens to be transgender (MTF) and lesbian... So yeah. I do write, and I love editing! If you need an editor, just drop me a message!

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Twilight and company are getting a new game: Blade Shield Online. Created by Assateague, the game is on the cutting edge of full-dive virtual reality. What everypony doesn't know, can't hurt them, right?

Big thanks to Twidashforever for editing and prereading!
This IS a crossover between the anime Sword Art Online, and MLP. This is also my first multi-chapter fic, so if there are any recommendations with pacing, themes of either show, etc, feel free to mention them. Also, the first chapter takes place in canon Equestria. Only when they get in-game do they become anthro. The style of anthro can be found here.

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On her way home, Rainbow Dash overhears Twilight start a conversation with Spike that she shouldn't have heard. After listening in, she is confused as to what she should do.

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When Rainbow Dash is heading to Golden Oaks Library to tell Twilight something really important to her. She hopes it's going to turn out well.

My first story (or anything) that I've written recreationally (outside of school). So please feel free to give me constructive criticism and point out any errors/mistakes/etc in the story. If you want to know a little more about me, then refer to this blog post

Chapters (1)
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