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A story writer that gets insperation from the most random of things, works to make every story enjoyable as best as possible so please enjoy to your hearts content. WARNING some stories get very dark.

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It was just a simple blank card! How could something so small cause so much pain, misery, and grief?

Twilight found the card, and spike is the one who knows what it can do. In one month Equestria will be in turmoil, but how did it get that way, and is there any way to fix it. Spike believes there is, but what will Twilight do, when it comes down the ultimate choice.

who will be the hero/heroine? and what will happen to the whole of Equestria if it things go south?

Let's find out.

I rated this teen simply because of the semi-strong language that will be occurring later on.

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One night Applejack was supposed to meet her friend for an important meeting to help plan the repairs to Ponyville after Tirek's attack. Twilight had told all her friends to meet at the castle of the pony sisters because it would be the only place that they could all plan the rebuild without everypony trying to bother them.

It seemed like a good idea at first, that is until Applejack got lost and attacked in the Everfree forest because she was late.

Now AJ must quest with her friends, and delve deeper into the Everfree forest than they ever have before. What horrors await these ponies as they go to retrieve Applejack's lost memories.

let's find out.

*Edit* The story has been upgraded to teen because of the because of the rather violent scene that occurs in chapter 10.

Author's note: This will be my first story posted on FimFiction, I hope you all enjoy it! Chapters maybe be few and far between, but I promise this story will NOT die out or get canceled.

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