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A normal brony reading fanfic

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Thank you very much for the fave on A Night (to Try) to Remember! :yay:

Thanks for the fave on Landfall and Equestria's Warships.
The first re-written chapter for Landfall is nearly finished so stay tuned sailor!

What makes all of this funnier is that I'm actually working on a Mechas fic, which contains robots fighting ponies.

But talking about the one you like, it's good that you found the pacing likable. I made an especial effort into not rushing it and establishing the setting the best I could.

See ya.

1636192 OH SORRY
I meant this other one I thought you were another author
But I liked THAT story about the Greek Gods on it, and how they judge Celestia on her actions.
And the fact that it was a nice story that I thoroughly read, and could comprehend, its not rushed.
Also the way the personalities fit the Gods, and their actions, and are completely understandable

Are you sure we're talking about the same fic?

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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