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Funny punctuation differences! · 6:56am Oct 28th, 2016

Alright, disregard what many might think, punctuation between spanish and english actually differs in ways that seem too dumb to exist, but they do anyway.
In this case, I'm not talking about commas, periods, full stops and all those funny guys that pretty much all languages use the same way, but I'm talking about the use of em dashes and quotation marks.

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Wish I could point out the author, but I found this picture on 4chan a few months ago. Maybe there's a watermark or something.

I must say I really like your avatar.


Um not sure haven't been on here for a while either
Good that your zoned back in though

Sorry, kind of zoned out for... 8 months or something?
What were we talking about?

Not gone on for a week?

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