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This is the second installment in my "Naughtiness is Magic" series. Please note that there are adult situations in this fanfic. If pony sexuality offends you, then know that you have been warned. In keeping with my policy of not being too graphic, I have included my series' trademark innuendo. However, if I need to change the rating, I will be happy to oblige.

This story comes right after "Twitcha-twitch" and references a few events and my OC, Sultry Unicorn. You might read that story first before diving into this one. At any rate, enjoy!

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One night Twilight Sparkle is about to head up to her room for some alone time with books from her "special stash" when Pinkie Pie bursts into her home, afflicted with a strange malady that causes her to convulse and scream out the names of desserts randomly. A fanfic series with "naughtiness" as its main ingredient, this story deals with the sexual lives of the ponies without being graphic. This series also introduces my OC Sultry Unicorn, owner of "Hot-to-Trot Bookstore and Novelties."

Chapters (1)