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A veteran of a war long forgotten, a man who's past haunts him. When events that allude his understanding begin to occur he finds himself in a strange new world. Will he finally find peace with himself? Can this legendary war veteran find his solace in this second chance? Or will his past come back to haunt him? Most importantly can he finally understand what friendship and loyalty truly means?

*First person will be in future memoir chapters
*Sex tag is for innuendos.

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It all happened so fast. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna having to leave without any reason. Prince Blueblood coming to rule Equestria. It just happened so fast. At first it appeared nothing really changed. Blueblood just put most of his duties on the nobles of the court. But then Equestria went from a stable kingdom to a corrupt oligarchy led by greedy and lying bureaucrats. All headed by Prince Blueblood.

In all honesty, it seemed like a good idea at first. A large scale road connecting the Griffin and Pony Kingdoms. That cut straight through the Everfree forest. I even came up with plans to help Prince Blueblood relocate the creatures whose homes would be destroyed. And a path that would cause the least amount of damage possible. But he and the rest of the court just laughed at me saying they could care less about some stupid Everfree creature. And there was no way they would take a path that would cost more money for them.

I left in tears, they all just laughed at me. And I sat there at my home, as the Griffins and Blueblood's workers came and plundered the forest. So many animals were left without homes and died alone in the cold. Now I sit here, as I watch my home and my life fall apart because of this stupid road. Poverty hit Ponyville hard, and now they're orphans and beggars everywhere. Pollution from trains have caused a thick lair of smog to fill the air...

But No More.
Hey guys! This is just a little original idea I came up with while reading a Robin Hood book for school. I don't know if I will continue this or not as of now. Depends weather or not you guys enjoy it!
*Possible Romance in the future
*Fluttershy is written in her POV, which in all honesty is very difficult to write considering in the show she is really one way or the other if you know what I mean. So in this for the sake of what she is doing, she is written far less cowardly, shes more assertive, less prone to panic. Just take it as the rage of seeing Ponyville in it's state for so long changed her :twilightblush: that explains it right? Right?

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The Doctor has spent almost his entire life running, from loss, from despair, from death. But when the TARDIS shields are down and The Doctor is in the epicenter of a black hole and supernova meeting. He is transported to an entirely new universe. A universe inhabited by talking ponies. With the TARDIS seemingly destroyed, and on the brink of regeneration. The Doctor goes on one of his most wild adventures yet.

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