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The Kardanomicon is a universe of MLP where guns exist, Police Boxes are bigger in the inside, and Zombies run rampant. The twisted, candy wrapper like land of my mind.
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626629 Oh. Thanks, I guess?
I mean, I never actually use this account after I stopped with the brony stuff.

But you can watch me if you want.

*psst* i have something new for you to check out, message me the secret password and i'll send my new story in progress. Thanks :3

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

325973 Boom. Headshot.

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Continuity · 9:07pm Feb 28th, 2013

He's not chinese. He's korean.
Holy crap, they seriously said that?
For those of you who don't get it, I'm quoting from Episode 10 Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Now, long ago, in season 1, when Glenn was still the lovable scout, him and Daryl had a conversation.
Not bad for a China man.
I'm Korean.
And now they brought that back up.
I really love it when people do that in a show. Freaking references back to the start.

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