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Silver Melodies

God has blessed the world with three things: Pizza, Internet, and Ponies. It has been scientifically proven that, without these things, life would cease to exists, for sure.


It wasn't long ago that an ancient evil, buried in the crust of the world, had over taken the globe. To survive, Equestria built space ships, known as frigates, to take them to the orbit of their world. But supplies would not last, so they trained soldiers. Fifty of them, taken from all ages. But not any soldiers. Warriors, stimulated with special serums, and put through intense training, in order to become what the rest aren't, and do what no one else can. They are tasked with returning to the surface, every week, in order to regain supplies, else they run out of food, water, and other various goods. But the surface is a dangerous place. And after over a year, only twenty two the fifty soldiers remain. Out of those twenty two, three have proven themselves time and again to be the best, and soon, they'll be tested to their limits, on the cold, dead surface of Equestria.

The 'ponies' are all humans, and as such, I'll be referring to them that way. But don't worry, this story still has the ponies you know and love, they just aren't called ponies.

Rated sex for sexual jokes and references. No actual sex in this story, nope.

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Nightmare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Sombra, they all have two things in common. They're evil and they were all defeated by the six heroes of Equestria, save Discord, who's no longer evil. Together they've forged a bond of friendship to stand the test of time through and through, never to break. Nopony is closer to each other then these six mares.

Yet Twilight still feels as if she doesn't truly know them, like they're hiding something. She feels as if they each have a secret, be it dark or painful, but she doesn't know what. She has to find out, but that won't be easy, considering her friends always seem to disappear whenever she wants to talk to them.

And she's not the only one who feels this way. There are others who are out to get revenge on Twilight and her friends, those who would love nothing more then to see them all burn in the fires of 'justice'.

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It had been nearly four score since the defeat of Triek, and the peace brought on by the Rainbows lasted for that whole time. Yet everypony knew, time was against them, and that war was inevitable. The many catastrophes Equestria had endured had led most Ponies to believe Celestia unfit to lead. She did everything she could to ensure she would remain in charge.


Luna would not stand for her treachery, and thus started the Great Lunar Rebellion. With the Elements of Harmony on her side, and even the Spirit of Chaos thanks to the Element of Kindness, she swiftly and decisively crushed Celestia's forces. The battle raged across the nation, but all paths lead to the final battle in Canterlot.

But what do the Elements find when they are tasked with putting an end to the rule of Celestia once and for all?

I listen to too much epic trance and orchestral music. But this is the result of listening to Dj Gestap and Evening Star's music. So I hope y'all enjoy!

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So, yeah... I was bored, my friend was bored, and I had a little free time. So I sat him down and had him tell a story about ponies... and he is NOT a brony... so this can only end so well... a few things you should know.

1. These are HIS exact words, not mine.
2. I take no credit and/or responsibility for this.
3. Don't hold this story against me, it isn't mine.
4. Any normal text is him talking. Any italics is me.
5. Go easy on him, he isn't a brony hater. He actually tolerates us very much so! He was just bored.
6. Don't down-vote unless you find the story offensive, please, and let me know why in the comments.
7. Nothing else needs to be said. Try not to throw up.

Tragedy tag for how tragic it is this story came into existence.

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This story is a sequel to Wings of Silver, Hearts of Gold

Scootaloo can't get over how guilty she feels... she can fly, yes, but Sweetie Belle can't see. With her conscience pushing her, she and Applebloom decide they will find a way to make Sweetie whole. But not everything is free...

Scootaloo knows what she seeks... but is her zeal for this quest a bit too much? Will she be able to finish? Or will she stumble blindly into the dangers that await her?

Applebloom knows what to do, but can she help Scootaloo find the right path, or will she only be brought to harm by Scootaloo's rash actions?

In their times of need, a true friend will risk it all.

There is no greater form of love than when one is willing to lay down one's life for a friend.

Special thanks to Music within us, Arkn0id, Night Wisp, Pinkacalypse and Little Wood for helping me proof read!

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Applejack wakes up one day to find she can't move. And then Iron Will shows up and paints himself red. Then Apple Bloom is caught... just read the story and find out.

My SECOND attempt at a comedy after my first one turned out to be utter and complete trash. Sorry any one who read that had to see it, I hope this one makes up for it!


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I don't know... something my mind thought up then disposed of through my butt. I fished it out of the toilet and put here for you all to read because I'm so thoughtful!

This is the worst story ever written by man. If you read, I hope you have medical insurance... you will need brain surgery and therapy once you're done... In this story, random stuff happens... and Twilight doesn't care!

Nuff said, go read it. Now.

NOTE: Please don't down vote simply because this story sucks. I know it does. I meant for it to be terrible. Down vote it if you just really can't stand what you just read, not because it's a bad story. Thank you.


Contains the word 'butt' a lot, and lots of... uh... interesting... events. And lots of butt stuff going on (like farting). You have been warned...

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Applejack is in trouble. She's going to lose the farm if she doesn't do something soon. She is losing money, yet she doesn't know why. She's beginning to stress out, and losing her ability to function.

To help deal with her stress, Rainbow Dash introduced her friend to something that will help her drown her sorrows... literally.


But she never meant for her friend to go so far.

Things end up spiraling downwards, and soon, everything falls apart for our farm pony.

You can read the messed up version of the story here. Oh wait... hold on... it isn't up yet.

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This story is a sequel to "I'm so... so sorry..."


What if someone's pain is our fault, but they don't know it? What if we are the cause of one's sorrow, yet we fail to tell them so? What if we are rejected for our mistakes?

How can we respond, when our loved ones reject us? When we have the guilt of a thousand sins on our backs, and no one will help? How do we survive?

Maybe this is our reason for living. To have a long, hard life, only to die in sorrow. Are we really going to live in happiness? Will we find peace in life? Or will we find death?

Will we survive?

Or will we give up?

For best effect, listen to this music while reading the story. If it stops while you are still reading, play it again. It really helps add to the effect.

This is the second installment of my Heaven's Tears series.

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How is one to react to one's world being changed? How should one react to losing what one holds dear? How do we cope? How do we move on?

Maybe we don't. Maybe we are meant to stay in our grief, and mourn for what was, and what never will be. Maybe we aren't meant to rise up, but to fall down.

What do we do? We stop. We don't try. We don't think. We grieve. We mourn. We break. We apologize. We cry.

We are so sorry...

Yet we have no control.

For best effect, listen to this while reading. If it stops while you are still reading, play it again. It really helps add to the emotions.

This is the first installment of my Heaven's Tears series.

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