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This story is a sequel to Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Conflict

Spike and his wife Melinda has returned to Equestria. Now a new adventure begins as Spike readjusts to his Equestrian home as he prepares not just for impending fatherhood but romantic attempts from certain females as well as certain events through Season 6 & 7.

Sequel to the featured fic Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Confilct

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When the title & power of Dragon Lord passes down to Garble, the dragons of the world viciously unite and strike Equestria which was still recovering from Tirek's destruction. After many devastating casualties the princesses send word for dire help...more specifically the magical nation of Fiore....

A collab between me and yellowpikmin88 over in DeviantArt!

Featured on 8/16/2016; 10/5/2016; 10/8/2016; 11/24/2016

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This just needed to get out of my head, a single drop in a sea of hundreds of HIE fics. Possibly more realistic in terms in emotions and character bashing when due.

As I am suddenly launched into Equestria by unknown means, I must survive the Equine dominant world and find hopes of returning home to my family. And..(fing-er hooves crossed) find myself a girlfriend.

Takes place post-season 4

Upon second thought...I'll have season 5 included in this story!

Sex tag added for future chapters.

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Everypony loves Minecraft, especially Button Mash and his girlfriend Sweetie Belle. Together along with the CMC they have their own adventures and even host a youtube channel gaining many hits and subscribers. Soon they are invited by Team Crafted and other youtubers to join them in their escapades in the minecraft world!

[updated to teen for sexual mentions]

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It's the day of Nightmare Night and as always Fluttershy is scared...until she finds a particular mask floating on the nearby creek.

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A teleportation spell gone wrong teleports the Straw Hat crew to the land of Equestria and chaos ensues.

Get ready for laughs, awkward situations, and all out war that saves the nation of ponies!

Takes place post time skip in One Piece between Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, along with pre-coronation Twilight

MLP: FIM (C) Hasbro
One Piece (C) Eiichiro Oda

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