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Sequel to Draco-Pony Conflict! · 5:25pm Jan 16th, 2018

Yep! You heard it here folks, my collab partner and i have begun writing our sequel to the featured fic Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Conflict!

This sequel will be quite different than the others being both an adaptation of Season 6/7 and a romance fic as we explore the life of Spike the Dragon's life after the great war. We've begun writing the first chapter and keep a close eye on the original fic for a special surprise~

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Follow a new member! · 5:49am Oct 12th, 2017

Hey guys, it's Edwin here.

At long last, my da sister who I've come to know and love for the past 5 years has arrived on FimFiction to promote a new MLP story!

Please welcome my sister XFangHeartX

She is preparing to post her story not just here but on deviatart and fanfiction.com as well.

So if you would please support her and welcome her with open brony arms please do ^^

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Fairy Tail 537 and FT: Draco Pony Conflict · 11:45pm May 26th, 2017

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Happy Spike Day! · 5:53pm Jan 16th, 2017

Hello everyone out there and I wish you a very happy Spike day!

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Chapter 14 & 15 · 4:18am Nov 17th, 2016

Hey guys, Ed here and here to say that Chapter 14 and 15 of Fairy Tail: The Draco Pony Conflict is being written now. And for these last 2 chapters, my collab partner and I are writing them through notes over in Deviantart to make them as best as we can!

However there are some trolls & haters out there who are questioning our writing which really hurt my partner's confidence in his ability to write. But you know what I say to them...?

F**K THEM~!!!!

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We Made It · 9:42pm Aug 16th, 2016

YES! WE MADE THE FEATURED BOX EVERYONE!!! Thank you for your support and reading!!!

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Hiatus End · 3:35pm Aug 3rd, 2016

Good news everyone! My partner is done with his summer work and has returned to writing, expect Chapter 10 in the coming weeks!

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Melinda's looks · 8:52pm Jul 3rd, 2016

It took me a while but I finally drew what Melinda the dragoness looks like to the best of my drawing abilities.

Before anyone asks. NO she is not a recolor of Ember. My partner and I designed her way before the Gauntlet of Fire premiered, it's pure coincidence that Ember is similar to Melinda.

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Hiatus News · 5:57pm Jun 14th, 2016

So my collab partner yellowpikmin88 is currently employed in a summer internship, he'll have short breaks but it's going to be a while before the next chapter of our collab is finished. His job ends at the end of July and I too have summer employment as well. So please be a little more patient

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Short Hiatus · 4:11am Apr 30th, 2016

My collab partner Yellowpikmin88 is going to focus on his other crossover fics over in DeviantArt so Fairy Tail: The Draco-Pony Conflict is going to take a short break until he's ready to start the next chapter . So in the meantime see if you guys can increase the popularity of this fic! Share it, talk about it, even review it!

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