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I'm a pegasister, Discord is best and mine! So hands off other Discord fans!


Hey everypony! · 8:28pm Jul 3rd, 2014

Hey! I just wanted to say my most recent story is almost finished and that I'm thinking of re-writing Cupcakes Anyone. Tell me what you think of me re-writing Cupcakes Anyone in the comments!

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Just wanted to let ya know... · 11:21pm Jun 6th, 2014

I love all of you! I am working on a new story called Sombra Returns, and I would like all you guys and girls to read it. The description sucks but trust me it's really good and I want you guys to all leave a comment once my story is out okay? It would make me really happy!
And also:

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HEY HEY HEY! · 8:21pm May 21st, 2014

Hey Hey! I redesigned my pony, well OC she's Draconiquus her name is Belle, well now I re-designed her again!

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All I wanna see's a smile smile smile, fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine! · 10:12pm May 4th, 2014

Hey colts and mares, guess what your all friggin awesome! I had this really crazy dream last night were everyone turned into characters from mlp and I was Derpy, (it makes sense I'm really clumsy) and then I went with The Doctor on all these really crazy adventures and then my dad turned into a statue and then a weeping angel! Then I had a date with Discord as my OC and we got married, but then I realized I already have a boyfriend so we had to get divorced, and that dream just made me really

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Hi, again, everypony! · 4:29pm Apr 24th, 2014

Sorry I deleted my story, I think I'm going to start writing a story about my friends OC, Shadow, it is going to be called 'The very deep detailed future' I am going to put my OC in it and I hope you'll like it. The other characters are Celestia, our OC's, Twilight, Spike, Luna, and Big Mac. I really need a like here because 'Cupcake's Anyone' wasn't a big success. Is there any animators out there that could animate this? (when its done).

Luv's ya!!! <3

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Hey Everypony! · 1:35am Apr 14th, 2014

Sorry I haven't been writing in so long. I just started a new story called When The Twilight Sparkles. I hope you guys like it! Screw when the Twilight Sparkle's I'll just stick with cupcakes anyone.
Today I was driving a Razor with my dad and we flipped it! Don't worry I'm ok. It was actually kinda fun!

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Happy (belated) New Year! · 12:45am Jan 3rd, 2014

I hope you guys all had a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate)! My new years resolution is to stay in shape and write one good thing that happened to me everyday, my whole family is doing that so we can look back on our year!
What are your New Years resolution? If you don't want to say write something about your holiday!
I hope you like this video!

and this one...

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Twas the night after boxing day... · 11:40pm Dec 27th, 2013

My Christmas haul is huge but I still might get more!

What I got for Christmas
-MLP Crystal Empire Rainbow Dash (Favorite)
-Gustav Gloom and the four terrors (BOOK)
-Cross stitch Kit
-Water Color Pencil Crayons + metallic
-Footie Pyjamas
-this years Holiday Barbie
-X-Box Kinect Just dance 2014
and a 25 dollar ardene gift card. Leave a comment saying what you got for Christmas!

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