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I love video games and i also love mlp so why not put them together into a laughable advanture.

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She lost everything now. No family or friends to go to and no followers to keep her in check. She wants revenge but sh doesn't want some simple revenge, no. She wants them to suffer in a way that only one supernatural force can do. But in this reckless act of revenge, has she brought upon an ancient secret that was never meant to be uncovered?

And is Twilight ready to face an ancient evil unlike anything she has faced before?

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Sauron, the dark lord of Mordor has returned once again as he begins his conquest over Middle earth. But his gaze will soon shift onto a far away land called Equestria as his servant Tirek failed him to destroy Equestria. Now he will come to Equestria himself to get the job done as he will bring darkness down onto Equestria.

All that stands between the dark lord and Equestria is the bearers of the elements of Harmony, fighting along side them is a cursed lone ranger with nothing else to loose.

But they will soon learn that the age of Mordor has come and none can stand against the darkness itself.

Co-author and friend: Ryuku the Creative

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The planet Cybertron is dying thanks to the war instigated by the war lord Megatron and his dreaded Decepticon army. Running low on Energon, Megatron orders his loyal subject Shockwave to locate a world that is ripe for them to pillage the Energon. Shockwave then finds the prefect world thanks to his creation the space bridge, he and another loyal Decepticon Soundwave go to the planet to harness the Energon for the Decepticon cause. Equestria is now in line for a hostile takeover by Megatron.... or is it?

Co-Author: Ryuku the Creative

Cover art done by my good friend Ryuku the Creative

Note: this story takes place in a alternate version of High moons studios Fall of Cybertron. This also takes place post of season 3 of MLP.

Chapters (14)
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