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Laughing Hyena101

I love video games and i also love mlp so why not put them together into a laughable advanture.

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I'm back!!!!!!! · 3:48am Aug 23rd, 2016

To all my friends and followers I am so sorry for the super long absence. Due to work and prepping for college I haven't had that much time for this site. But after being away for so long I said F@&k it time to get back to the grind of making you guys happy. Due to me coming back I have decided to completely change my look on this site. From now on I will embrace who I really am....

A hyena who doesn't take no s@%t and write stories because he can!!!!!

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Heya, thanks for favouriting my STALKER crossover! I welcome any feedback, should you wish to share any.

Hey!:pinkiehappy: I posted a new story called Emerald's Struggle! Go check it out!

If you want to:fluttershysad:

Let's try to get this Story featured!:yay:


Thanks for faving my Far Cry 3 crossover "The Eye of Insanity" :twilightsmile:.

Thanks for the fave!! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 576 - 580 of 580
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