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Pinkie Pie is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. Living with her relatives in a small town, she attended a school, where she met four people whom she considered her best friends.

After a girl by the name of Twilight Sparkle transferred to her class, and in order to deepen their friendship, Pinkie decided to show her around the forest. As they travel deeper into the forest, Pinkie stumbled across something that could've probably changed her life forever. And most likely so, all the townspeople's life.

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Applebloom met two other ponies who were blank flanks, just like her. And they created a group to help other ponies find their special talent.


This may relate to the series, but in this dimension, Twist does not have any bracelets, and Applebloom met Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle earlier, and not in the party.

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Sweetie Belle bumped her head real hard one day, and lost most of her memories.

Will she be able to remember her friends and whoever she met? Or will she not be able to regain her memories to remember her best friends, and her friends, and the ponies she had met?

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