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I enjoy reading more than writing. Even though I sometimes wish it was the other way around.

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I wanted to die.
I was so ready and so prepared to jump.
But I changed my mind, thanks to the kind words of an unlikely hero.
Now that I'm living a happy life it's about time I told the story of who saved my life.

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When everything is lost and it all boils down to the bitter horrible end.
What do you feel?
What do you experience?
What do you fear?

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You find a tape recorder in an abandoned hut.
You wonder what could be on it.
What will you find? Could there be other humans around?
Better listen to it and find out.

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I can no longer remember my name.
I know I had family and I can remember their names.
But it has been years since I have seen them.
My name is Monster and this is how I got my name.

This is a rewrite of the first chapter of MY NAME IS MONSTER.
I didn't like how some things sat and I wrote a prologue to help explain some things better. The second chapters will be turned into a second story.
Cover image goes to Cosmic Unicorn. From her Discordantly comic series. All credit for the image goes to her.

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