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I'm am an autistic brony, looking to write fantasy and everyday life novels for my kind. I became a brony when I related well with applejack and twlight, and I love the show.


Once upon a time, there was a land and a legend of a magical lake, with water that can heal any aliment. However, it is said to be guarded by a fierce beast. So far, all those who enter the woods where the lake is suppose to be, none have returned.
That is, until one Octavia Melody, who’s sister is dying, tries her luck. Will she succeed, where others have failed? And what will she find when she gets there...

Cover art as always by Sleepless

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So after seeing 22 short stories about Springfield, I thought why something like it. The goal: have these stories connect, but stand alone enough that they can enjoyed on their own too if anyone wanted to try a dramatic reading.
Updated twice a week, for sure every Friday, in the air what the second day will be, pre-readers welcomed, and feel free to throw suggestions for a story idea between these two 🎶

Cover art by https://www.deviantart.com/scs-g3-n17/art/Request-from-flyingcentar3-Octavia-and-Sonata-859670467

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On a three day weekend where, human, Octavia’s controlling parents are out of town, her new friend Sonata says she has a surprise! A trip to the pony world where she won’t have to worry about being judged, less by none other than her pony counterpart.
What follows is a weekend Octavia will not forget, as it will shape her future in many ways, some, she hadn’t planned on.

Written for A Most Delightful Ponidox

], To hopefully be edited one last time before the deadline, although more wanted this out by now for reasons explained in the A/N if you’ll bare with mespecial thanks for per-reading help by TheSleeplessbeholder and for his marvelous cover art as always, and To NaiadSagaIotaOar for some great editing advice 📝

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Once upon a time, there were three sirens who were banished to the human world. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata, who were banished for their crimes across space and time. Separated, weakened, but not without their magic, only when all three are together can they become gods, at the expense of the human race. So, the sirens Adagio and Aria, wait centuries for their final sister to arrive. When she does so, and they are united, humanity will have no hope…

Octavia Melody is your classic example of a college student who wanted to get away from home the day she graduated. Freed from her narrowed minded homophobic parents, her three best friends as roommates and therapy, things seemed to be going great. That is, until one night, on a camping trip with her friends to view the Harmony comet, they will discover something, or rather, someone, who will shake up their lives, Octavia’s most of all, in ways they could never have imagined. 

Special thanks to Sleepless for pre-reading, and for the, eventual, cover art
Feel free to DM me if you want to join the pre-reader editor team

*marked as adventure, although fantasy might be a better word

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This story is a sequel to Sontavia, Taking Criticism (Octavia X Sonata Romance)

Direct sequel to Criticisms. This time around, reading the original story is required. As I figured it stood well on its own, but after some pondering I decided to continue it as my first SonTavia multi chapter story. This story taking place right after Criticism, where Octavia wants to be Sonata’s friend (and possible more). However, the self doubt she has from her parents high expectations causes her inner voice to doubt herself, and if friendship and love are really worth the trouble if she might get hurt in the end.
Which comes as a surprise when she discovers she’s not the only one in this new friendship with some baggage to deal with....

Even though I still have one Sleepless art piece I need to use ^^’ The newest one by Zalla661 felt more fitting

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Octavia Melody is infamously known you be a stuck up, high horse, thinks she better than everyone else rich brat who won’t even accept help carrying her cello case when it’s clearly too heavy for her.
Sonata Dusk, curious as to why, finds out when she is given a chance to help the cellist. Maybe, even become a friend?

Not part of my first two SonTavia stories continuity. Takes place more in a Canterlot High where the Dazzlings are just ordinary students.

Special thanks again to the The Sleepless Beholder, both for the cover art (fully drawn version in the works. Posting now so he dosnt have to feel rushed. Seriously, give him love for his hard work) and for pre-reading.

Rated teen for some swearing, and possible heavy themes. Wrote this as a sort of vent to some irl issues with taking criticism more irl. Feedback on this story is highly appreciated. Also, reviews and dramatic readings are A-Okay, just please tell me at least after it’s been published please 😓

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This story is a sequel to SonTavia, A Chance Musical Encounter

Today’s date was supposed to have just been Octavia taking Sonata to get some tacos from lunch, and go from there. From there...

Cover art and possibly proof reading provided by TheSleeplesBeholder.

Somewhat a sequel, but not required reading

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*Dramatic readings are allowed, but please (can’t believe I have to say this, but you’d be surprised) please let me know at least when it is finished and where I can view it

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With so many different realities, any kind of combinations are possible. Such as with the cellist Octavia Melody, and the former siren Sonata Dusk. Still, with such a pairing, it would of taken just the right chance of events to bring them together. However, as uncommon as it was, it didn’t make their romance any less special.
This, is how in one such reality, they came together...

At the moment, written In insperation of this picture as well as for pride month So I at least have something for Monachromatic

*story may and will get cleaned up a little later, and title is possibly subject to change. feedback welcomed

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For the past six days, the students in the Canterlot area have been dying in their sleep. Aside from how much magic they’re been exposed too, there are no leads into what is causing this. By the sixth night, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are the only survivors of their close circle of friends. Can Twilight find a way to keep them alive, before fatigue takes over? Will it even be worth it if she survives?

Special thanks to Sparrow and a Viola (also the cover artist) for their help in making this story better than it would of been.

Written for the halloween in April contest

MGroup link

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This story is a sequel to Angelswift

At long last, the couple know as Plance is getting married. It’s a big day, and everyone is excited! But...

Based on the story and audio drama and brought to you by The First Church Of Plance :pinkiehappy: reading of the original and the story’s culture is required

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