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I'm am an autistic brony, looking to write fantasy and everyday life novels for my kind. I became a brony when I related well with applejack and twlight, and I love the show.


It was just a typical day of work for Applejack. Eager to get home, just one last errand in the freezer. That is, until she finds herself locked in.
Just great, now she’ll become the butt end of everyone’s joke. That is, when she gets out.... if she gets out.
No! That’s silly, of course she’ll get out... right?

*open for a better title, written for https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214288/the-cult-of-raccoon/thread/398722/nightmare-night-in-april-horror-write-off and thanks to my friend Sparrow for editing advice so some changes may be on the way. Please feel free to comment and like to help

Also, you can help by supporting me on kofi
Like The Darkhorse KC ChrisyChris, and to my firs ever supporter ChaosXIII, where you can get your name shouted out just by editing, and even have do things from colabing to editing for you.

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On a hot summers day, after months of close friendship, will these two girls finally find love in each other?

Because we badly need more WallflowerMontage on fim fiction! And as much as I love Blooming by Bookhorse, who helped with pre-reading and maybe with a bit of editing when she gets back from bronycon, ^^’, I want a story where these two kids now! And hey, this is fim fiction, if there’s a story you want but you can’t find it, create it!

Cover art by Gabbslines

And yes! Exspect a minor polish sometime next week, I just wanted to get this out to focus on my next video review too

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It’s a typical night for Scootaloo and her aunts; Dinner is burnt and it looks like take out again. That is until Rainbow Dash says they’re invited to her parents half wedding anniversary. However, seeing as Scootaloo’s aunts are lesbians, will Rainbow’s parents accept them, or is it a fear only in her head?

My yearly Everfree Northwest Scribble Fest entry.
With this year’s pre-reading help provided by, Crowley, Midnight Readings, Big Apple, and Sparkle Chord.
(Will edit links over weekend. Also won’t be able to post pre-reader notes in the comment section till Monday.)

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Sunset and her friends welcome the new year in the most menmerable of ways, with a ‘borrowed’ Peacock.

Cover art made by iambrillance

Written for The weekly writer prompt

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This story is a sequel to The Price of Being the Hero

After Shinng Armor saved her life from a special needs colt whom she bullied to the edge, she now has to reflect on her actions durning her indefinite grounding. No longer able to do as she pleased, as well as now being stuck babysitting her hero’s baby sister while he serves detention, will her time allow her to reflect on what a selfish bitch she has been? And what it actually means to be a princess? And why can’t she stop thinking about Shinng Armor? No mater how much she makes it up to him?

This story dose take its own liberties, as the original story was written before I had read the comics.

My contribution to 2017 national writting month.
Cover by ParadigmPizza may replace it down the line

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Starlight and sunset go on a date and have a relaxful day and talk a bit about their future. Then they make out.

Entry in the sunset shipping contest

Art by Cbear264

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When Summer Sketch become pregnant, all seemed to be going great. That is, until her very protective family hears the news, and wants to talk to the colt that knocked her up. Will Connie survive?

Art and pre-read by Summer Magic

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When Twilight opens up her castle to ponies in town with friendship problems, Diamond Tiara comes looking for help with difficult problem—getting a pony she's bullied to forgive her.
So, Twilight sends Starlight Glimmer to help her. Will Starlight and Diamond Tiara be able to sort this problem out, and will Starlight be able to apply what she’s learned from this friendship mission to the few ponies who still hate her?

Cover art done by Minty25

Written for Everfree Northwest's 2017 annual write off. This years theme, growing up wild and forever free. Written with the AJ award, The true favor, most in mind.
That, and a theory I have since I got my firend Lightingsword to help out this year; If I can write a Starlight glimmer story he could enjoy, I might have a chance of winning this year :moustache:

Speaking of, please give it up for my pre-readers for this year;
Of course, my buddy who inspired in his own special way this story :p Lightingsword

My newest fim fiction friend who has helped me the most this year grow as a writer, Hap Hazard, winner of last years Dash award, as well as entering for the same award again this year

And to some of my brony YouTube/reviewer friends who pitched in at the last minutes to help;
Sparkle Chord

Season, formerly know as Brush Stroke, Who's also a writer.

And one Insane Bardock.

Thank you everyone who helped out this year.

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Bon Bon's life is forever shaken when she find's a half naked girl on the beach. The girl, named Lyra, was said to have been a mermaid. a mermaid that, if she didn't get the kiss of true love from Bon Bon's cousin, Flash Sentry, in three days, her soul would belong to a sea-witch.
Instead, Bon Bon gave her the kiss of true.
It wasn't enough.
Now, Bon Bon is on a quest to save the love of her life, but at what cost?

Custom cover art by Lovely music girl

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