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Run Down

NOTE : the past stories I have written are not meant to be masterpieces.

This is being kept up for reasons discussed below

1. Continue supporting the many writers within this fandom.
2. Rekindle some people on here I've yet to fully commit to.
3. If I do decide to write something again, I will blog about it here

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1543417 poison the well... I have it right now.... it's even better. I love the intro!

1543417 listening to smashville right now... it's not that bad. but I gonna sleep. I'm sorry... see ya tomorrow?

1543416 okay ^-^ do "poison the Well"

1543412 okay. one song, and then I gonna hit the sack. I'm tired, and I need to get up early.

1543409 awesome! ^-^ oh! And a local band "Composer Meet Corpse"! YouTube them!

1543405 cool. I like Rob zomie, metallica (the old songs) Alestorm, death tda, reighning roses.... (they do not exist yet, but I'm sure they're gonna ba awesome... I know th band leader....)

1543402 Slipknot, Famous Last Words, Dragonforce, Heavenly (Virus album), I know a lot more! But those r the bands I use as inspiration for my stories ^-^

1543396 AWESOME! what groups do you like?

1543395 I am metal head too! :D

1543393 my Brother from an other mother is an emo too. so I'm cool with it. (I'm a metalhead, YAY)

1543391 aww thanks :rainbowkiss: call me an emo but that's what I do XD

1543388 oh, okay.... that's so sweet :rainbowkiss: really.

1543367 not sure?.....I usually write about my faith cuz I'm a Christian. And also encouragement, depression, I write almost whatever I feel

1543359 lyrics? no? what else would you sing?

1543354 good. good.... hmm... now a text and some chord....

1543350 perhaps Dash or Fluttershy? :D

  • Viewing 71 - 90 of 90
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