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Twilight and you live together in your world, and when a storm comes, you and her will show each other how much you care for each other during the scary moments in life.
(This is a second person fic. Please don't dislike it due to the fact it's a story about a human and a pony. If you don't like it, just move along.)

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Spike has been going on a lot of adventures in the past years with his friend Twilight. So today, he decides to chill out and take a break, and is accompanied by Twilight herself. On that break, they go on an adventure. An adventure of laziness. One that'll have an unexpected reward at the end.

Thanks to Abstract Thought for the description.

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Trixie loves being a great and powerful magician, but in her free time, she likes to write stories about herself. But one day when she is in town, she finds a book that has a similar title to her story, and the worst part? Twilight is the author.

Thanks to Abstract Thought for the help on the description!

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Riolu has had a harsh life being with a greedy Pokemon trainer who tells him to do the dirty work, and one day when his master tells him to do some hunting, he discovers an intriguing statuette that he shows to his stingy master that soon after transports him to a peculiar dimension with even more peculiar creatures. He thought he had it bad then, but now he must deal with an even greater hardship as he is put to the test.
Note: this fic has been created and worked on with the help of my friend Abstract Thought. Many thanks as well to Erockertorres for the image.

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