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You have a life, a life you hate. Why, because there's a voice in your head telling you to do that stuff. If you don't do it, your brain starts hurting, shutting down, and you start to die.

So, doing that stuff in front of your friends, just too embarrassing. But then you run into a lady that had the same life as you. That had to go through choices that she didn't like. She explains it all to you:

Do all the missions, complete them, and do them. So, choose:

Read the story:

Don't read the story:

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The Crusaders are in a Kingdom called Adkabatz, in a war that's filled with magic and good. In the beat up word, the Crusaders search for a mysterious artifact know as the 'Skull Heart'. Once seven years the Skull Heart grants a wish for anyone, and if they have a full heart, they will get a wish and will become the next Skullgirl that has full power.

So the Crusaders go on an adventure to find the Skull Heart, so they fight for themselves to make a wish to get them Cutie Marks.

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After Discord messing and joking around with the Mane 6, he jokes some more. What he does is where he acts like he's going to fall in love with some pony, so he thinks of the Mane pony, that had trapped him himself....Twilight Sparkle. Discord soon goes to Twilight and takes it deeper and messes with her.

But Twilight might not love it.

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Pinkie and Twilight are sitting around talking about Twilight's Crown and becoming a Princess. Pinkie never EVER seen it, so she asks Twilight to see it. Twilight gets out a Suitcase, and opens it. Pinkie looks in but see's nothing!! Twilight's so shocked about that!! But can they get clues to help find the missing Crown?? Twilight has and idea that Sunset Shimmer could of took it because she really likes that Crown. But Pinkie wants to check everyone because she says that's how real Detectives are. Twilight gets annoyed about that, but still does it. Can they find clues and answers from people??

Chapters (1)
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