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MLP:FiM, Undertale, and Jekyll and Hyde. These are of the Holy Trinity of my obsessions in which I lay awake at night and wonder about. And sometimes, if I can't sleep, I write about them.

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You have no idea how long I've planned this out. I've been spying on you for months, looking for the most devastating way to destroy you, to rip your cutie mark off and begin my perfect utopia of equality anew. And I didn't come this far just to be sweet-talked into accepting your 'Magic of Friendship'!

Which is why I will.

I'll 'accept' your 'Magic of Friendship', play nice, be a goody-four-hooves, whatever the correct term for it is.
I'll bide my time until you let your guard down enough for me to make my move. And since I can't destroy your past without screwing Equestria itself, I'll settle with destroying your future!

Rated Teen for mild language.

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Two months have passed since the Battle of the Bands. Aria Blaze has been abandoned by her so-called allies. She spends her mornings working minimum wage, and her nights with only a prayer to the heavens to sing one last time; not for power, not for fame--only to hear a voice tell her that hope remains.

One night, while trying to sing, Aria is visited by a certain guitarist who shows her what it really means to be adored.

Artwork used with permission from the talented SkycatcherEquestria

Written in a one-week period as a personal challenge.

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[The Gore tag is for the end of Act I and onward. Beware of possible spoilers in the comments.]

Within every one of us, even the best of us, there is an essence of Goodness, and an essence of Evil.

After a freak accident resulting in her mother falling into a coma, Twilight Sparkle put her magic studies aside to pursue medical science in an effort to save her. Eight years have passed, and Doctor Sparkle has successfully concocted the TS8 Formula, a potion that can separate the natures of goodness and evil that lurk within the hearts of us all.

All that remains is a small test to prove that both the Formula and such a separation are conclusive. Everything will be certainly fine . . . right?

(AN: Takes place shortly after "Too Many Pinkie Pies", but before the "Twilicorn era".)

Based on Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

Act I pre-read/proofread by TechnoFlare, Sixkiller5, and Crystalatrix

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