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Whoo, in love. Good times. (Also an avid role player, for those interested.)

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thanks for joinng mah pack!:pinkiecrazy:

Derec mc coy_rip...
that was my old account....

how are you doing?


Well, thanks for the favorite and watch. Rarely do I get reception so quickly. Maybe I've done something right.

1541856 ... which story are you talking about?
anyway. you're welcome.

1541145 Yep, it was indeed Evia :twilightsmile:
And absolutely, dude, the story was pretty good! Also, thanks a ton for the follow back, it's much appreciated!

1540568 lemme guess. Evia?
oh, okay. did you like the story?
and thank you for the follow again. I followed back. :twilightsmile:

1539667 Well, I was rather taken with your story "Hopelessly in Love", after seeing a blog post recommending your works.

1538726 You're welcome, dude, and thanks for writing it!

thank you for the watch. may I ask you why I deserved it?

  • Viewing 157 - 166 of 166
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