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I enjoy writing and drawing.


Ican explain · 9:36pm Nov 3rd, 2014

So when Will You Come Home is kinda...on hiatus. It was my first shot in the dark at a multiple chapter story BUT thi time I am not quitting. I was
On the interwebs when I heard the song "Two can keep a secret " (google it) and then saw a picture of Pinkamena. BAM. I actually even started the ART for the cover. That is true dedication.
Also, I am started to get more ambitious to finish WWYCH.... Hmmmm

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Hey guys! Wanted to say I won't be posting anything this week other than a couple of updates and sneak peaks to my upcoming story. I am currently on my way to moutain side and I don't have a laptop withnme, only a tablet. Anyway, bye for now, guys! :heart:

Hey guys! I won't be posting for a while, I'm going away on Christmas. However, I prepared a fanfic I will probably post in the morning or on Christmas eve. That's all for now, bye!

I liked your story madness and I just noticed you joined the same day I did. and you already got five stories out.:derpyderp2:

Lol, goes to show how slow I am

Hey guys, working on a big project. Might take a while untill i upload something new. :rainbowdetermined2:

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