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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Hey all you Splatoon fan out there! · 5:48pm April 28th

Hey Splatoon fans out there! I'm sure some of you heard, but encase you didn't there a new Splatfest coming out! It start up in May and it going to bring in another Nick Toon show! It stars everyone's favorite heroes in the Half Shell, The TMNT! This Splatfest is much different then the rest, I found a video that can explain better then I can!

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Hows the next chapter of TMNP coming?

if you do the 2017 version of the movie for the mlp form maybe make it equestria girls version make make the main villian oroichi and mentior kakygia with sci twi and dog spike as aids

Please finish at least one of your power pony stories. Not to know how they end and getting spoilers from other unfinished stories is tearing me apart! PLEASE, i love your stories, so please finish one of them.:fluttershysad:

2435535 Hows the next chapter of TMNP coming?

2435528 I know, sometimes I'm blank on what to do next.

you should finish old stories before you make new ones :/

2420767 Hows the next chapter of TMNP coming?

2420583 Still thinking on them, but your ideas are still good.

2359863 How are the Batmare, and Supermare stories going?

here is the full cast a rangers for pony rangers ninja steel

starlight glimmer ninja steel red

double diamond ninja steel blue

party favor ninja steel yellow

night glider ninja steel pink

sugar belle ninja steel white

coloratura/rara ninja steel gold

going to do use this cast for pony rangers ninja steel

starlight glimmer ninja steel red
double diamond ninja steel blue
party favor ninja steel yellow
night glider ninja steel pink
sugar belle ninja steel white

just asking going to update pony rangers

2359863 As guard barge into Blue Bloods home to arrest him, but he is long gone.
In the Batmare story to start we see a meeting of gangs, and they are planning a big job, but Batmare appears and a struggle ensures. She takes out the thugs one by one, but the one crime boss tries to escape, but Batmare suddenly appears and he is terrified, he asks who she is, and she simply says Batmare. Later we have an OC character (a male Vickie Vale) who is following the story of Batmare, and the crime that has stopped, because of her. Then in the Batcave we see Rainbow Dash out of costume and is talking with an OC (Alfred) her butler, and she has a flashback to her parents (Firefly, and her dad) being murdered.

2359857 Hm, not bad. I just need to write it out into a chapter. What about the other ideas?

2359446 When Applejack and Caramel are walking they talk about her as Supermare.
Blue blood is also the leader of a Smuggling operation. He also has a plan to launch some powerful weapon on Equestria so he can sell his weapons to anyone willing to pay. Supermare talks with Celestia, but asks that she doesn't want to go public yet and says she still needs to find out more about her powers.
After Supermare stops one of Blue bloods operations she is injured from a blast of Kryptonite and goes to the Fortress of Solitude, to talk to her father on how it is possible for her to be injured. During the battle Caramel is taking photo's and is caught by one of the thugs and uses him as a hostage, and throws Caramel off the building they are in, and Supermare saves Caramel. With her super hearing she hears some thugs say that Blue Blood will be pleased since they stole the kryptonite.
She goes to Canterlot and explains to Celestia and Luna what kryptonite is and that it makes her weak. Supermare confronts Blueblood, but he has a kryptonite neckless as a trap for her, she has her powers weakend and he leades her to his pool and pushes her in so she can drown. Blue Blood tells Supermare he found out what kryptonite is from listening to a conversation between her and Celestia (Not the first conversation) and that with her gone he can sell his weapons to all who need it. He firs his missiles heading for Changeling kingdom, Zebracan, Dragon lands, Crystal Empire.
After Blue Blood leaves his butler Fancy Pants saves her after she agrees to save Flur for him, she agrees but before he takes off the neckless he kisses her, she asks why he says tats his way of saying thank you, her powers are back and stops the missiles one by one before they hit.
Supermare informs takes the missiles, to Celestia and tells her that Blue BLood is responsible for launching them.

2359444 Sure, but I'm on the library computer and it going to close in a in about half an hour. I have a tablet, but I can't connect to the Internet. I might be on tomorrow, by we'll see. But go ahead and send be a few ideas.

2359439 Could I help edit the old stories? I'll help you finish your Supermare story, and I'll help you start your Batmare or Wondermare.

2359438 Well, I already got The Flash (Rainbow Dash) started, so it a start for now.

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