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Important Poll! · 4:13pm Nov 17th, 2013

Hello everyone! I made a poll in relation to art, and I think it’s really important that people answer it. I’ll be using the results for a school related report, so thanks a bunch! Information Here.

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I just have to say, responding to your post about removing the Scootacide fic. I'm very glad that I got to read it when I did. Yes, it may have been very sad, but everything needs something dark/depressing once in a while. I thought it was a great read. :3 I hope that you never get into that state of depression again. *hugs*:pinkiehappy:

831049 I like what I've read so far, so I'm certainly looking forward to what comes next!

Thank you for the favorite on Caring Sparkle :twilightsmile: . I hope you like the chapters that follow :pinkiehappy:

Hey Grey Byte. I saw your name on the FimFiction Proof-readers group and I was wondering if you'd like to read my story ( I am also 90% sure this is how I ask a proof reader. If not maybe tell me how?:facehoof:) It's a medium long story about bullying. If you want more detail than just PM me. Thanks!

Huzzah! Thanks a lot for your fave in Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence! It means evem more to me coming from an author :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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