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New Story Up! · 9:10pm Jun 21st, 2017

Alright, 'The Terrible Singing of an Unrepentant Siren' is done and submitted.

And... yeah, I was all ready to post it, like, three weeks ago and then realized it was terrible and had some huge problems and had to rewrite a huge chunk of it. Something about putting it up on fimfic before submitting and reading over it as if it was an actual story that I'd actually read on the site made me realize all the problems with it I'd been ignoring.

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Ball on Ball

Hey, talk to me on Skype! I'm acreuball on there, too, so it's easy. Just mention you're from fimfic, and toss in your user name if it's different so I can know who you are!

And yo, I'm usually always open for prereading/editing for people. Um, romance stories mostly. Hit me up here or wherever if you want me to do that for you.

So I'm this guy who hails from Canada. I got a degree in fashion and textiles and I draw a bit too, cuz art school, and I did my avatar and my cover arts and a few other people's cover arts and stuff.

But actually, I want to be some kind of published writer when I grow up. Probably. When I'm not frantically trying to do fine art things that people won't hate. So... writing.

Oh, and I love ponies.

Rarity and Twilight is best pony. Also Sunset Shimmer and SciTwi is best not-pony. Octavia and Vinyl Scratch are best OTP along with Sunset and Twilight. I do mostly love all the ponies and all the pairings, though, so those are nearly moot points.

A couple of years ago, I happened to be talking to a man about pitching horseshoes. He told me his uncle had been a three-state horseshoe champion for several years running. He said he once asked his uncle how he'd gotten so good at the game, and the uncle said, "Son, you got to pitch a hundred horseshoes a day." That's the kind of advice beginning writers should listen to:

Keep pitching them horseshoes.

- Ted Kooser, Pulitzer Prize winner and U.S. Poet Laureate

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So I just finished reading Like Sisters, Probably. Let me tell you, I’ve read a lot of stories on this site. Like an embarrassing amount of stories. That one is one of the best ever, possibly the best complete romance story I’ve read. I don’t know if you still do any writing, but I absolutely loved the style and I, myself am a fan of Rainbow Dash and Lighting Dust stuff, there’s not a lot of it out there that’s good. The story wasn’t exactly about their relationship but I just wanted to say I’d LOVE a story about them, not a sequel or prequel or anything but maybe something new focusing on them. What do you think?

Have any writing advice?

Oh cool! It's crazy, I never expected this story to still be getting so much attention after all this time! Really, it's thanks to theLostNarrator for the amazing dramatic reading she did, I think!

And thanks for follow! :twilightsmile:

That's how I found out about it! Great story by the way :raritywink:

WOW!! That's so awesome! Thanks for letting me know about that! :raritystarry:

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