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Just your average 18 year old guy with absolutely no idea; at all. Ever. Who can occasionally write horse related things. Also available as an editor. Just PM me if interested.


That review I said I'd do: "Yet a Dream" by TheHeartSisters · 12:54pm Jun 15th, 2017

So…I know I said this would be a few weeks but Jesus H Christ I’ve been busy!!!!! Anyway, I said I’d do a review and here it is. My only real warning is that this contains opinions, you’re entitled to your own etc. Anyway, here’s my review of:

The plot.

Read More

Stuff I wish I'd never written.

Where you came from...

Proofreading/editing information

While I am available as either a proof-reader or an editor for most stories, I do have a couple ground rules:

  1. PLEASE BE PATIENT!!! I am just as busy as you so can only do this in my free time. If you have a problem with occasionally not seeing edits for days, then please find someone else to edit for you. Similarly, please don't get angry with me if you have a problem with me changing something. While final edits are down to your own discretion, my main job will be sorting out SPaG and suggesting improvements.
  2. While I do work for free, I expect to receive credit for my work and acknowledgement. Please provide credit either in the long description for the story or in the authors comments.
  3. Remember, just because a story is well edited and has good SPaG, does not necessarily make it a good one. Thus, if your story proves to be unpopular for some reason or another; please do not blame me. You were the one who wrote it, I simply tweaked what I thought was necessary.


So, that's the key rant out the way. Now on to the good stuff; what I am willing to edit. Generally, I am willing to edit almost anything (including clopfics, more on this in a minute) but please, give me at least a vague idea of what I'll be editing before I see it. It helps me if I can work out what the themes etc are going to be, thus knowing what can and can't be changed.


While I am willing to edit clopfics, I have a couple areas that I refuse to have anything to do with.

Fetishes I will NOT edit

  1. Snuff
  2. Scat (Does this really need an explanation?)
  3. Watersports (see above)
  4. Food
  5. Feet/hoof play
  6. Certain types of Vore (depends on how hardcore or soft it is, message for more info)
  7. BDSM (like the above, this depends on how hard or soft it is)
  8. Corruption

So, that's all folks. If you want to me to proofread/edit, I'd be honoured. Just take the time to read these rules and message me if interested.

Stuff I have proofread/edited

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2371705 No probs lass

Thanks for the follow

Thanks 4 the watch! :D

p.s. do you want 2 B friends?

1377790 Your welcome...

im a 15 year old brony i cant write :facehoof:


Thanks for the follow

I thank you. I'm glad you think so highly of my stories, and I'd be more than happy to do a collab. Check the PM response I sent you to know more.

1141121 Your welcome.

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