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I suppose this is a profile bio of some sort.

I'm not particularly sure why you're here, but hello, and well met!

I don't write stories. I'd like to, as I have many ideas that (I think) would make for interesting stories, but I haven't attempted anything close to creative writing since I was forced to do so in school. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly good at remaining coherent while writing, lacking in technical skill, nervous about being judged, impatient, easily frustrated, and also rather busy. Still, I do hope to someday at least attempt to put something up here.

I do art. I'm unfortunately not taking commissions currently, and my terrible time management and lack of skill/lack of confidence in my skills mean that is likely to be the way things are for years, if not forever. Still, I have occasionally made fanart for works of fanfiction, and if I'm particularly inspired by something in a story I read here I might do so again.

My tastes are varied, but generally I care about quality (defined by various factors depending on the genre and style of the fic) above anything else.

I'll stop here, as nothing else about me is particularly relevant.

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