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What do you do in these things again? Oh yeah! Well I may have many nicknames and such and I am open to new ones, you may call me one of the following: Slushie, Domo, or Blu3 (blue) :D


Okay! I have finally made up my mind! · 3:22am May 16th, 2014

I'm going to write a story with two OC characters and with my two favorite ponies, Vinyl and Octavia, who will be incorporated into the story itself. This will take some time seeing as I have to find an artist to do the OC characters ( because I have NO IDEA how to upload my own work to the computer *epic blush* ) and an editor ( one who I hope will put up with me ^///^ ) annnnd then I have to actually write the story, I actually wrote a bunch of different parts to it but I didn't write it as a

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1927215 De nada.

1927178 Your welcome and thanks :twilightsmile:

Thank you for watching me! Look foreword to story updates from MLP:BA every Friday and Saturday for the next few weeks.

Thank you for the watch!

Thanks for the favourite of Practice!

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