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Cloudy Bolt

Not much to say,i like ponies like everybody else here.
on thing though.
I cant control my dreams easily,so if you see me in your dream,well...im probably having the same dream. =_= creepy huh.

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Thanks for the fave on Hybrid: Child of Time !

If you want some guilty clop indulgence :trixieshiftright: you could try Penchant next, It is more of a crowd favorite than Hybrid and even has a sequel in the works.

41997 I had the same reaction when I was tagged.

39529 HELL NO. fuk dis shit im gonna go play some more World of Tanks XD

tag you're it! read this for more info

8831 im following you 'cus i like yo storys. :D

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A bit about me.

Screw biography's! Anyway... I'm usually very social and nice. I'll try my hardest help anybody in need. I swear to it. If you are having trouble emotionally/mentally just talk to me and I'll help you as best I can!

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