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I'm a born and raised Iowan who developed an interest in small pastel horses. True story.

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When Celestia realized the calamity and chaos that would come to Equestria and that she would need somepony to take her place, she began to look for an apprentice. Eventually, this led to her tutelage of Twilight Sparkle, but she was not Celestia's first apprentice. This is the story of Roberta mi Amore, and how she became The Lady mi Amore Cadenza, heir to Celestia, and the first sorceress to become an alicorn in over a thousand years.

In the same universe as Camaraderie is Sorcery, to be read between the first and second seasons (after Chapter 1:27.4).

Chapters (7)

Map of Equestria

What if Equestria wasn't all sunshine and rainbows? What if the lands were wild, untamed, and ruled by powerful (and corrupt) nobles in the names of distant kings and queens? What if magic belonged not to every unicorn, but only to the privileged (and persecuted) few?

Camaraderie is Sorcery is a dark fantasy retelling of the story of Friendship is Magic. In this Equestria, the land is divided into kingdoms hungrily eyeing each others' lands and resources. This is a world where peasants are born, work, suffer, and die without their overseers shedding a tear. It is a dark world where bandits and monsters occupy both the wild places and the civilized ones (but in different forms). This is the world where Twilight Sparkle lives, in the last free bastion where sorceresses are safe to practice magic. Cant'r Laht, a shining city perched on the edge of a mountain with more nobles and mages than it knows what to do with, has been Twilight's home her whole life. Now, as the one thousandth summer solstice of the Fourth Age approaches, she will leave Cant'r Laht and depart for the tiny hamlet of Ponieville, where five companions await her. These Brave Companions, as the ballads will come to commemorate them, are already bound by destiny, though they do not know it yet. For who would ever imagine that a sorceress, a farmer, a Hunter, a blacksmith, a druidess, and a baker would ever become comrades with the strength to stop the end of the world?

This is the core story of the Camaraderie-verse.
Reading order:
Camaraderie is Sorcery, Season 1 (Ch. 0:0 - 1:27.4)
Lady of Love
Camaraderie is Sorcery, Season 2 (Ch. 2:0 - )

Author's Note: I drew inspiration from several dark or realistic fantasy sources for the world of Camaraderie is Sorcery, but the most influential was the world of Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher novels and CD Projekt RED's video game series of the same name.

Chapters (50)

When Doc awakens in Stable 85 he has no memories. Soon enough he is thrust into the North Equestrian Wasteland, where danger waits to devour him at every turn. Can he find a path of light through the darkness and stay true to himself, even when he learns the truth of his past?

Chapters (43)

It was just supposed to be a routine archaeological mission. Twilight was looking forward to exploring the ancient temple and heading back home to Ponyville and her friends as soon as possible. But, soon ponies start disappearing, and statues never seem to be in the same places. Through the gloom and the darkness Twilight is forced to fight for her life, with only the hidden recordings of a mysterious stallion to guide her.

Source for Police Box image: http://www.crazystickercollection.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/doctor-who-tv-series.jpg

Chapters (2)

Dark things lurk in the shadows of Canterlot, and they are becoming far bolder than they used to be. Beryl “Berry” Fields is but one of many agents working for Equestria’s enigmatic Ministry to track down these unnatural occurrences. When investigating one such case, she meets a pony that defies all reason; a dark stallion with unimaginable power and secrets he intends to take to the grave; secrets Berry is determined to discover anyway.

Chapters (8)

Silver Gaze was in some ponies’ opinions the greatest alchemist of his time. However, being an earth pony, he is constantly looked down upon and shunned by those who consider themselves his betters. After a particularly demeaning encounter with the Prince of the Crystal Empire, he becomes fed up and seeks a way to prove his worth to those who mocked him, not knowing where that dark path would lead. (Sombra origins story)

Map of the Crystal Empire

Note: The Prologue and Epilogue are not integral parts of the story and can be skipped if the reader so wishes. The Prologue is merely a short introduction to the subject and the Epilogue completes what the Prologue began.

Chapters (6)

Note on Introduction, Note on Elder Age, and Prologue in description below. Please read before diving in.
[Warning: There may be spoilers in the comments. Read at your own risk.]

In a time long before Equestria was discovered, the Alicorn Empire ruled the region known only as the Northlands. Life was good, until the Alicorn Empire broke apart, and pony turned against pony. In this volatile time, the unicorn Sapphire must learn to survive in the territory of Horizon and beyond, and discover her true potential. For a storm is coming, carried by dragon wings, that threatens to wipe out ponykind’s way of life. The Equine Scrolls: SkyFiM, explores a long-forgotten land much like Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls in a time period similar to the time of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Only this time, in this world, the stakes are much greater.

Book 1
Act I: An Unfamiliar Land (Chapters 1-9)
Act II: A Hero's Call (Chapters 10-20)
Act III: Saving Steadfast (Chapters 21-26)
Act IV: The Search For Power (Chapters 27-32)
Act V: To End a Dragon (Chapters 33-45)
Book 2
Act VI: Elements of Legend (Chapters 46-54)
Act VII: War That Brings Peace (Chapters 55-69)
Act VIII: Child of Darkness (Chapters 70- 79)
Act IX: To Make an End (Chapters 80 - 87)

Map of the Northlands
Map of Northlands (with all markers)


Note on "pre-Chapters": The story itself begins in the Prologue, though reading it is not necessary to understand the story; it just provides the events immediately before the main storyline. The Introduction is a brief description of the world the story is set in and the main events that shaped it. For a more thorough description of the Northlands and its culture consult the Note on the Elder Age. It is not a required read to understand the story, but it explains the religion, governments, and cultures of the different pony factions at the time, as well as the differences in the acquisition of cutie-marks in more detail.

Chapters (93)
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