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Hi my name is *redacted*, and I am a big fan of Transformers, Gravity Falls, legend of Zelda, Kamen rider, and Toku in general. Any constructive criticism I am thankful for!

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1157388 It's a really interesting subject, and I'm surprised to have not seen anyone touch on the subject before.
Haven't really read any fics that are famously bad though, heck the only genuinely bad fic I have read before is just some crossover with some semi-obscure Japanese show, even then I only read the prologue so what for I know it might of gotten better.

1157346 Yeah that's what I meant to say/type, its supposed to be one of (if not the) worst fics out there. Haven't read it yet. (Kind of scared too)

1157328 "My Little Immortal Pony" -> Is that a story well known too be horrible? (I have only found My Little Immortal by LP2993, but it doesn't have that many views. )

1154279 (I'm sorry for the late reply) In all honesty I haven't written any stories yet, I actually meant that mostly for my grammar.(In my comments and on forums) Although I do have some ideas for stories I just need to try and write them.
(And on that day I will be the first to write something so bad it rivals My Little Immortal Pony!)

(Now that I think about it, my description is really stupid and confusing, I should probably go fix it)

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