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Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy the tales that I have to tell, and I appreciate any and all feedback received!


New Song: Three Wishes - Rise of the Venomites · 6:00am Jan 26th, 2017

. . . A new threat is arising. . .

Report _Vidz_ · 362 views · Story: Three Wishes · #dark #music #dramatic #song #grim

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2363286 (Just realized this comment existed . . . I don't really get Profile Comments too often, so I rarely scroll down to check). Anyway, yes! I never would've thought I'd receive this many! When I started, I never thought I'd even make it to ten; but this is truly extraordinary (for me at least; I know many other users have ten times the amount I have). Nonetheless, I'm happy with those who have chosen to follow me. So, thank you all!

I just realized you have 100 followers now! Congratulations!

2226270 Oh. It's two crossed swords. Entire thing is on my user page.

2226214 Thank you! :pinkiesmile: I like the way yours looks as well. What exactly is that cutie mark? It's hard to see with the wing obstructing it.

My God, that avatar is adorable.

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