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While investigating a strange portal-like formation that has appeared on the edge of Equestria, Twilight encounters the vanguard of an invasion force from an unnatural realm. Learning from a strangely familiar version of Death that this invasion is taking place in multiple alternate universes, she is given the option to enter the minds of various versions of her in countless parallel worlds to repel the invaders however she can - and rally them together for a finishing attack on their original realm: Oblivion.

But is she the only pawn Death has put into play? What really are the truth and motives behind the strange invaders? When she's done, will Twilight be able to return home, or is that beyond Death herself? And most of all, why in the world does Death look and act like one of Twilight's best friends?!

The only way for Twilight to find out is to pull out all stops - to thread the needle.

~ Will feature ponified parodies of many fictitious universes, a few true crossovers, and universes created by myself. Prepare for a fun, nerdy romp!

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For the first time in thousands of years since Princess Luna established a colony for her Children of the Night, she once again plans to pay a visit to them. The catch? The colony is half-way across the galaxy, and the only way to reach it is through a strange artifact.

With the Mane Six and several unexpected followers, Luna travels to meet those who she left on their lonesome oh so long ago. However, when an evil alien race attacks her colonists and destroys the artifact, finding their way home might not be an easy feat...

~ NOT a crossover with anything, just a tribute to everything that is science fiction.

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Rainbow Dash and Equestria's newest inter-dimensional visitor, Gir, eat cupcakes together.

That's really all that happens.

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