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Poek Tyku

I am a random kid that likes ponies


Goals that I will never reach

Well, since I see everybody else doing it I should too.

Become a writer {}
Become a good writer {}
Become a known writer {}

Favorite 1 story {x} ?
Favorite 5 stories {x} ?
Favorite 15 stories {x} I'ma Nerd!:twistnerd:
Favorite 30 stories {}
Favorite 50 stories {}
Favorite 100 stories {}
Favorite 250+ stories {}

Write a story {}
Write a sad story {}
Write a romance story {}
Write a story that has gotten on the "popular" storyboard {}
Write a Doctor Whooves Fic {}
Write an OC fic {}
Write a SoarinDash fic {}
Write a Random fic {}
Write a Comedy {}

Draw a requested drawing {}
Draw a story cover {}
Draw a... Avatar {x] there you are River

Voice act Fluttershy {}

Get a follow from PonySlayer {x} Brohoof /)
Get a follow from AdmiralSassMcAwesome {}
Get a follow from The Sexy Assistant {x} YESH Danke.
Get a follow from Lord of Nothing {}
Get 1 follower {x} ?
Get 5 followers {x} ?
Get 10 followers {x} Umm. I didn't write anything yet why are you following me?
Get 30 followers {}
Get 50 followers {}
Get 100+ followers{}

Read Past Sins{x}
Read MLD {}
Read a SweetieCord fic {}

Poek's Box of Funny Shit. -or- P.B.o.F.S.

Of course! Gingy must have taken over the hacker instead! And now he's changing his name just to rub his face in it!
Good show, Gingy.

-Cosmic Afro 6/13/14

I Think Hiccup's Mom molesting Toothless made him alpha...Just sayin.

-Random Guy from the Internet 6/14/14


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Hey, thanks for stalking watching me!

1216665 Thanks!
Umm, just to let you know I'm going to get a Blog out in lie about, 5-10 minutes... about stories n stuff

Thanks for the follow! I have returned the favor. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch

Can I ask where you found me? Just curious as You're the sixth person to follow me today :rainbowderp:

1112804 Sorry, I'm late, got school and stuff, sure!:pinkiehappy:

1104444 Want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?


1100769 it's okay I understand :raritystarry:

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I died.... · 3:59am Aug 12th, 2014

._. Not much to put here....hai.

Report Poek Tyku · 299 views ·

Gingy: Get to Know Him

To begin I obviously like ponies, most like everybody on this site. Well, My favorite pony is Vinyl Scratch, it's just her bass cannon!

If you don't get that then watch this.

Gingy's obsessed with Vinyl.

No I'm not Violet!

Gingy... you have headphones with a picture of her on them... you also basically have a shrine for her.

... SHUDDAP! Anyway I can break the fourth dimension and go to other shows like Dr. Who and Pokemon. I also am a complete nerd, basing from ponies to TARDIS I'm a nerd.

Is it okay if he tells you about his likes and dislikes?


I like chess, ponies, anime, drawing, ponies, The TARDIS, saying Time And Dimensions in Space. ponies, oh, have I mentioned ponies? Vinyl Scratch, Gamer Luna, Bananas, waffles, cupcakes:pinkiecrazy:, muffins, cutiemarks, the feelz, Pinkie Pie, and Nyx.