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Things are gonna start appearing here more often! In fact, I have a little one-shot 3/4th done.

The Picture in the Back Room- 749 words

Celestia Ruins Everything Repeatedly for Three Thousand Years- 8 words

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Losing everything · 9:45am Dec 16th, 2019

I'm losing my sight, I'm losing my hearing, I'm losing the ability to walk, I'm losing the ability to use my hands, I'm losing the ability to comprehend stimuli, and losing the ability to communicate ideas, I'm losing the ability to remember my thoughts, I'm losing the ability to not be in pain constantly, I'm losing contact with my friends, I'm losing my sanity, I'm losing my body.

I've lost my mind

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Thanks for the attention :) i'll have to take a look at your fics and see what catches my eye.

I can see you 😉

Thanks for the follow!:pinkiehappy:

I feel watched.

2152938 I'm aroundish, just keep forgetting to launch ts, lel. I've been a bit busy lately

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