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This story is a sequel to Lingering Shadows

He broke her heart once already. Luna learned her lesson when Sombra last tried to manipulate her, and she wants nothing more than to forget about what happened and put it behind her.

Sombra cannot forget, nor does he want to. Regretting what happened between them, when the chance to make things up to Luna comes from some very unexpected sources, he takes the opportunity and wants to try to court her properly.

But once bitten, twice shy, as they say. Will the two ever find happiness with one another?

I have to offer a huge thanks once again to everyone who read the previous story, Lingering Shadows, and encouraged me to go ahead with my idea for a sequel. Apologies for the wait, but here you have it at last. I'm going to try to get on a regular update schedule of at least 1-2 chapters a month with this one.

A huge thank-you to Kelisah of deviantART for graciously allowing me use of her artwork as a cover piece for this story!
8tracks playlist: https://8tracks.com/yoru-the-rogue/midnight-radiance

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Unsettling dreams are starting to worry Princess Luna. She is positive these dreams hold an ominous portent for all of Equestria, but there is only one stallion who knows for certain the answers she seeks. King Sombra has been imprisoned again in Shadow since his defeat and the shattering of his body, but he is no less cunning and ruthless. And as Luna tries to interrogate him over time, she finds there is a softer side to the unicorn king, one nopony has seen before. But Celestia fears for her younger sister, warning Luna against Sombra's advances. Is the once-tyrant truly starting to court Princess Luna...or is she simply being used as a pawn in his plans to regain power?
Cover art by the amazing MickeyMonster, who has permitted me use of it for this fanfiction, as this image inspired me to write this story in the first place.
Edited and proofread by my girls TheOneBehindYou and LabyrinthineMind.

8tracks playlist: https://8tracks.com/yoru-the-rogue/lingering-shadows

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Some queens come to power through birthright, some through charisma, and some through strength and force.
But there are some queens who rise to power through cunning and treachery...and Chrysalis of the Changelings is perhaps the greatest of them all.
Long live the queen!

Special thanks to TheOneBehindYou and my best friend Lycan for giving me feedback, support, encouragement, and proofreading this conceptual look into how Chrysalis became the Queen of the Changelings.
The cover image is a screenshot, and the title is Latin for "Long live the queen! Long live the queen!"

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Luna spends her nights in painful torment, unable to escape the memories of her past sins.
Until one night, she is reminded that she is not as alone as she thinks.
And that someone out there still loves her...

Based on and inspired by Lullaby for a Princess.
Special thanks to TheOneBehindYou for proofreading and suggesting the titles for this little fic of mine.
Source cover art used with permission from the original artist.

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