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Uh, I dunno what to put here. What do you think I am? A writer? Wait...

Proofreading/Editing Information

Here is a list of all the stories I have edited.

I am an expert proofreader in the Proofreader Group, and I will proofread anything.
Requests for editing are CLOSED.
As of right now, proofreading/editing requests are closed until further notice. If you and I know each other, and if it's just a one-shot, then feel free to shoot a PM to me. I wouldn't mind doing those. However, as of right now, they are all closed.

I was a pre-reader of the retired group the Royal Guard.

Featured Edited Stories

  • Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes Fallout Equestria side story - A young filly begins her adventure looking for her mother. by mimezinga 134,575 words · 45,321 views · 2,695 likes · 70 dislikes
  • The Monster Below An earth pony seeks to transform himself into an Alicorn, but how far is he willing to go to get what he wants? by Greenback 155,461 words · 25,227 views · 1,055 likes · 35 dislikes
  • TD the Alicorn Princess TD becomes an alicorn princess by BronyWriter 225,869 words · 21,082 views · 2,372 likes · 138 dislikes
  • Metamorphosis Having every human being vanish is bad enough. Waking up as some horrible bug monster is even worse. All I know is that I have to get home...somehow. Set in the Ponies after People universe. by PaintSplotch 41,308 words · 3,043 views · 319 likes · 19 dislikes
  • A Mile In Her Horseshoes After drinking a potion by accident, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia end up switching bodies. by Fire Gazer the Alchemist 36,188 words · 3,191 views · 373 likes · 9 dislikes

Art Stuffs

Big thanks to Rossby for the marshmallow avatar!
Another thanks to this guy for my old avatar.
Huge thanks to PaintSplotch for the original drawing of my OC!

Goals to Eventually get Done I Guess...?

- Edit all of The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds (9/37)
- Edit all of TD the Alicorn Princess (for its printing) (25/45)
- Finish editing Metamorphosis (as soon as the author updates...)
- Edit all of The Monster Below (5/27)
- Do at least the first five chapters of a story... Well, any story, to be honest. (1/5)
X Put out at least three one-shots (3/3)

bathroomstahl’s Upcoming Stories

Stories that are Currently Being Worked on:
(not in this particular order, though)
1. The Fall of the Night
2. Hotel California
3. Big ol' transformation fic that I have yet to come up with a name for. It was inspired off an idea my friend Suke gave me.
4. Rekindling a Lost Flame
5. SciTwiXSunset Shipfic one-shot because reasons

Am I Watching Them or Are They Watching Me?

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Best Pones :D

An Ongoing Story and a Future Story

  • Hotel California When Twilight was called to Canterlot by Princess Celestia, the last thing she expected was to wake up in a strange place known as "Hotel California". by bathroomstahl 7,777 words · 311 views · 25 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Rekindling a Lost Flame Luna, while still recovering after the Elements of Harmony hit her, is hit by a blast of her past. Will this thing help her? Or is she too hurt to accept it? by bathroomstahl 2,666 words · 1 views

One-Shots I'm Proud of

  • That's Your Downfall Discord and Celestia have a conversation before he's defeated. by bathroomstahl 1,265 words · 1,090 views · 64 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Under the Mistletoe Fluttershy tries to build up the courage to show Rarity there's a certain plant above her in a special way. by bathroomstahl 1,090 words · 852 views · 67 likes · 9 dislikes
  • What is Right After Discord is turned to stone, Luna is left having doubts about how her sister rules. by bathroomstahl 6,290 words · 504 views · 28 likes · 1 dislikes

Yet Another Life Update · 7:07am September 14th

So, I'm alive. I know it's been a while, but a lot of stuff has happened in the past four months, so I haven't had time to do a lot of things as of late. I'll admit this, though, this blog is gonna get a little personal, so if this isn't your thing, feel free to leave and not read this. Not like I have too many followers anyway, heh. But it's whatever.

Read More

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My Top Favorite Stories!

  • Her Knight in Faded Armor Princess Luna still feels alone, nineteen years after her return to Equestria. When she finds a friend in an online game, everything seems better. But not all is well in Equestria, and a sinister plot threatens everything that Luna holds dear... by Doccular42 207,956 words · 12,167 views · 1,602 likes · 65 dislikes
  • The Last Pony on Earth One day, Earth. The next, everyone is gone and I'm a pony. What the heck is going on? by Starscribe 107,577 words · 15,185 views · 1,618 likes · 72 dislikes
  • Upheaval: Breaking Point A desperate war, old enemies returning and past mistakes come together to alter Equestria forever. by Visiden Visidane 177,716 words · 16,141 views · 1,933 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Crystal's Wishes As a filly, Crystal Wishes was content just writing about ponies falling in love. While her career takes off, her love life is somewhat... lacking. Can she be happy living vicariously through her stories or will she find her own happily ever after? by Crystal Wishes 416,013 words · 11,425 views · 1,400 likes · 33 dislikes

More of My Top Favorites!

  • A Puppet To Her Fame My unicorn parents called me a worthless mud pony. They pushed me every day to overcome my lowly status. When I woke up one morning with my cutie mark, I thought they would love me. I couldn't have been farther from the truth. by Kaidan 29,713 words · 16,111 views · 1,497 likes · 62 dislikes
  • Gears in the Void The living have lost, and the last survivor's luck can't keep him alive forever. He can escape if he survives long enough to finish one last project. by Lab 161,875 words · 10,401 views · 969 likes · 40 dislikes
  • Twilight's Library Twilight struggles to find meaning in the universe, which most ponies call 'the Library'. by ocalhoun 3,606 words · 953 views · 74 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Simply Rarity What does it mean for a pony who has everything to be generous? by Somber 8,846 words · 7,817 views · 1,168 likes · 26 dislikes
  • The Monster Below An earth pony seeks to transform himself into an Alicorn, but how far is he willing to go to get what he wants? by Greenback 155,461 words · 25,227 views · 1,055 likes · 35 dislikes
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