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Shining Armor a apprentice to a blacksmith, soon finds out that he must aquire the three pendants of virtue and the Master Sword. As he begins to save his home he gains help from several friends and soon he defeats the wizard and finds out there is more to his journey.

this is A Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds crossover

The legend of Zelda is property and trademarked by Nintendo. i take no credit for the main basis of the story. all the zelda items that are changed name wise still belong to Nintendo.

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Berry Punch has a filly but she has no father, all of a sudden a memory of who Ruby's father comes flooding back to her. Ruby is told that her new coltfriend Rumble is actually her uncle. Berry soon will have the proof she needs to get her stallion. Will Berry finally have the stallion she wants in her life.
the crossover tag refers to the fact I got the idea for this from a comic I saw
I thank TwilightPoopSparkle for the editing on it

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Now the land is peaceful and all is safe until a wizard named Agahbra killed the king and took the throne for himself. He began to capture the seven maidens who descended from the ancient sages in order to break the seal. All but one of them have been sent to the Dark World and now on the eve of her banishment Princess Cadance calls for the help of anypony who will help her....
All characters of the Zelda games belong to the Nintendo Company and I take no credit for them.
By the way this story is anthro to the point of almost human.

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The Apples have a secret to their hard cider. It isn't cider it is Moonshine Whiskey. The apples keep that a secret from the authories of Equestria. The only royal pony who know keeps that a secret, Princess Twilight Sparkle. She is determined to make moonshine legal in equestria. Can she do it?

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This is the story of how a small cult grew and rose into power over Equestria. They worship Nightmare Moon as a Goddess. They wish to ressurrect their Goddess and destroy Celestia. They see that the Elements of Harmony are the only ones who stand in their way.
Before anyone bitches all of the OCs except Nightmare Rarity are ones I have created. I take no credit for Nightmare Rarity she is copyrightted hasbro that is one boundry I did not step over.

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These are several stories on her life and her issues with what she is. She hates only being five inches tall and being a living baked good. She has wonderful abilities. She hopes to one day conquer her size issue...
I have to thank my editor TwilightPoopSparkle for the help on this story

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"Pinkie Pie!" Mint called entering the Sugarcube Corner, her green and black striped tail giving a little flick. She went up to the counter, where Pinkie Pie sorting some cupcakes.

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