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I like to write pee desperation/full bladder-themed stories!

I'm also available to RP. If you have any ideas for an RP, or maybe if you want to rp one of my stories, I'd love to hear from you. I try my best to be accommodating so we can find something that we'd both really enjoy. I'm busy alot though, so don't take it the wrong way if I don't respond to you for weeks at a time.

Click here if you wanna see my blog on my pee desperation/bladder headcanons for the mane 6

I also color stuff! My derpibooru profile is here and my artist tag is artist:certificate

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Probably not, I've moved onto better things, sorry

Are you gonna write more

By the way, there are something that really attracts me more on the pastebin original edit~ If you feel free to discuss about it, may I have your social media account so we could discuss more freely~?^w^

Hi~I really love the Limestone Pie full bladder story, it really gives me a thrill! May I translate it into Chinese and put it in one of the watersports fetish forums? I promise I'll not forget to reference the original fiction link and your name~

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