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WARNING: This is a Level 5 meme. Viewers beware, you are in for a scare.

Reginald was your normal vamp kid, as normal as they may be. He had that silky black hair, plastic fangs that are super cool because it they glow it the dark, and a Hot Topic membership card. One day, something magical happens and he gets sent to the wonderful world of Equestria.

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It has been going on for a month now, Fluttershy has found the love of her life. This love it a Great White Shark named Walter... Fluttershy has only been able to see him at night, out of fear that the others will find out and make fun of her, call it unnatural, or just consider an outcast. It is now her one objective to be in love with Walter and not let the others find out until the time is right to tell.

Keep this in mind, the story is probably not that great... so criticism is appreciated

Chapters (2)
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