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All Macdash, Lunatosh, and Spikebelle fans are welcome. All button mash fans will be shot on sight. SWEETIE BELLE IS BEST PONY!!!


After finding a heart broken Spike, Sweetie Belle is determined to cheer up the young dragon. Will Spike ever get over Rarity?

Will he ever realize that the mare of his dreams might have been in front of him the whole time.

Chapters (1)

A short one shot about the main six, and their special someponies enjoying Hearths Warming Eve together.


Told from Twilights POV

Chapters (2)

When the mane six go to battle Discord, the CMC's have to stay at the library. After a potion mishap Spike wakes up to see he's a pony. Can him and the fillies find a way to turn him back? Does he even want to be turned back?

Spike/ Sweetie Belle shipping

Chapters (5)

Garble is tired of being a irresponsible teenage dragon, he seeks the help of spike to try an control his greed. Will Garble be able to make a change? Or be consumed by his own greed. And most importantly, will he accept the magic of friendship?

This is a one shot for the Everfree Northwest Writers Competition

I honestly don't care if I win or not, because I wanted to get this out there.

Enjoy :)

Chapters (1)
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