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Let's April Fools like it's 2011! · 11:11pm Apr 1st, 2015

Sometimes I'm awful at remembering my own (tiny) library of works, so I was surprised and delighted when someone told me today that every April 1st they think of Pinkie Pie's Incredible Interplanetary Super Prank and feel like they need to re-read it. Awwww~

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And the sound that we hear in our hearts... · 8:10pm Oct 22nd, 2014


You can't unhear it.

(PS I love this song)

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Rainbow Rocks is Great; or, Sonata is Magic · 11:20pm Sep 27th, 2014

Go see Rainbow Rocks. It's great. I think the music, the antagonists, Sunset Shimmer's role, the pandering... I think it's ALL quite good. So go see it! Before it's too late!

And, remember: Sonata is Magic.

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It's been 21 months... · 6:54am Sep 18th, 2014

As I was writing a supportive private message to a writer on Fimfic who has lost their writing mojo for some time, I realized... wow. Yeah, it's been 21 months since I've produced a piece of prose. Basically two years now.

Sure, my job gives me a chance to have a creative outlet and make something that many people see and enjoy. I'm really, REALLY lucky to be in that position, and I'm grateful!

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The Purloined Pony, classic CYOA, now on Fimfic! · 1:15am Apr 6th, 2014

If you never read this grand Choose Your Own Adventure story back in the day, I'd really suggest giving it a try:

Link to the Purloined Pony

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Amazing Reading of Shutdown · 2:33am Sep 9th, 2013

I just found out that a lovely British(?) Youtuber by the name of ObabScribbler did a full recording of my story Shutdown. Not only did she do a reading but she voice acted each character and put in some very atmospheric background music. It's great stuff!

Seriously, even if you don't want to listen to MY story, follow through to go to her channel and look at what else she has done, add to her views, thumb up, favorite... yada yada. Give her the attention she deserves!

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BronyCon Bound! · 5:31am Jul 30th, 2013

So yeah, I'll be at BronyCon and am happy to meet nice new people and make friends and be gregarious and congenial and affable and punctual!

I'll be on the Enterplay panel on Saturday evening. If you're one of those cool peeps who collects the official trading cards you should come on by. Or if you have any curiosity about how cool products start from an idea and come to fruition in the realm of licensed merchandise, you might find it pretty interesting!

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New "Story" available! · 3:46am Apr 13th, 2013

TL;DR: Here's something new I wrote! It's dark and not precisely a "story," but it's only ~2000 words and it's new! Plus, if you're into the SCP then hopefully you'll really dig it!

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One Good Thing · 7:57am Feb 28th, 2013

I realize only now that if this reaches anyone interested, it might be too late: the deadline for application is tomorrow... C'est la vie.

Either way, this is still A Good Thing: someone in our fandom making the effort to make a writing scholarship to a world-recognized writing workshop.

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Don't Listen to the Leaked Song Yet! · 7:28am Feb 12th, 2013

Seriously, you'll like the leaked song better in context, so wait and watch the episode. It's only five more days, guys! It's worth it to just wait.

Sure, being able to sing along to Smile, Smile, Smile the first time the episode aired was fun... but you really are better off waiting, promise!

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