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Hello once more! · 2:37pm Oct 9th, 2012

Sorry for the unexpected Hitaus. It wasn't right of me to just leave like that, but I just didn't have any insparation to continue the story from where I left off.

However! That is not the case anymore, after re-reading My Little Dashie, a spark suddenly flamed up inside me has given my desire back onto working on the story! So REALLY expect an update soon.

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Thank you for favoring A minor variation:pinkiesmile:

I am surprised to see a response after 29 weeks. Though it is good to know what you do have an ending planned. I myself have an issues with thinking up endings to things.

As late of a reply this is, I feel as if I should give you closure to the names origin and meaning.

One random night I had this rather strange dream. Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and some other pony who I had no idea who it could've been managed to find themselves in some chamber. Twilight held onto a black bag containing these weird round symbols that didn't look anything like letters.

if I said anymore, I might give spoilers (cuz I do intend to finish this story.) but what I can say is that the story was based off a dream that went around that. and that I would know the consequences in starting the story, as I would have to someday finish it.

What originally drew me to Dreams and Consequences was the title picture.

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