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FORMING... an incomplete explanation · 2:30am Jun 5th, 2012

So in the last month of school, our teacher was all like
"For your final art project, you need to make an orginal piece of self expression."

Everyone complained about how undescriptive it was and just clumped into two groups, but I saw the brilliance in this assignment! This was an assignment that would test your creativity, and show just what, if anything, you had to express. After a week out of a month, I came to the conclusion that I would make THE SINGLE GREATEST FILM MADE WITH EXACLTY NO MONIEZ. YEAH!
So I wrote the script in one week, and handed em out and recorded all the scenes with that one black kid (X528pa) in ONE FREAKIN DAY. and along the way we ran into many complications, including a run in with the police , a lack of batteries, props, time and energy, an unfisinshed script, a cameraman who sucks at being a cameraman, and an entire cast (of 3) who have had no previous acting experience.

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Hey fellow texan brony!

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