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Old name was Anal_Destroyer_0706. But who cares!?


Wake the fuck up, Samurai · 10:06pm January 5th

It's been a while, kids.

No, I haven't fallen into another coma, nor have I died! After the incident, I changed. For better, for worse, no one can really say. I've been offline for 2 years, and that's tough to envision. However, thanks to Hearts of Iron IV's Equestria at War mod, I remembered my account here.

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When I see your profile, the box with your stories is titled "Ech." What does it stand for? Is it some foreign tongue? :curious: :applejackconfused:


Thank you for creating a wonderful read!

Thanks for faving Il Duce e la Principessa!

It's good to be back :)

Thanks for adding We're Not in Europe Anymore... to your favorites! It's good to see you back mate, Cheers!:moustache:

  • Viewing 167 - 171 of 171
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