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Twilight hasn't quite fully recovered from her little "Friendship Problem" breakdown. She's still haunted by lingering nightmares that seem to grow more disturbing as they progress. She thought she could ignore them, but what happens when the events in her dreams become a bit too real for comfort? And what happens when those dreams involve her best friends like she's never seen them before?

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As a long time anti-brony, Morgan has always hated Friendship Is Magic. It doesn't help that his two best friends are bronies that are hell bent on getting him to give the show a try. However, an encounter with a certain 4th wall breaking party pony brings him into Equestria, and now he must learn how to adapt and somehow find a way home.

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After dating Cheerilee for 4 months, Big Macintosh suddenly finds his relationship in jeopardy and himself in a depression. Wanting to help her brother, Applejack sends the Cutie Mark Crusaders to find someone who can help Big Mac. Spike, now going by the name A Pimp Named Spikeback, answers the call.

Can the dragon king of swag really help Big Macintosh get his relationship back on track,or will his presence only make Big Mac's situation worse than it already is?

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