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Seven ponies are stuck on the wreckage of a luxury cruise liner several miles offshore from the Equestrian mainland. They have access to a single lifeboat, capable of harboring four ponies and reliably getting them to safety. A trial, of sorts, ensues.

This story contains heavy critical themes.
The author of this fanfic is a Mormon himself and he is doing it with the purpose of making something that can be looked upon by Christian fans of My Little Pony to better articulate their virtuous didactic fics. If you are offended by constructive criticism I suggest you to find something else to read.

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A man seeking an end to his own battle finds himself leading others into the fray.

Note: I'm sorry.

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"Welcome to New Whinnipeg, home of the 'neo-classical' music group VOLT. We pride ourselves in producing the finest quality tobacco products, and providing the widest range of self defense armaments available on ANY Confederate station! We hope you enjoy your stay!"

That was one of the first things I heard upon entering Station 13. Funny how they'd boast my own band . . . Not that they really cared, hay, I couldn't possibly care. Everything went to hell just a week later, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

My name is Vinyl Scratch, and I bucked up. Big time.

Rated Teen for narcotics use, violence, able-ism, and generally being something you wouldn't want to show a child.

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I don't even know.
A split-fic that was originally part of something called Sterling, which was a cross-plug . . .

Essentially, this story started after two Ponyville residents died in a mutant parasprite infestation. That's all the context I have at the moment.

I'm stepping on a lot of toes here. This story has references to all major (and some up and coming) religions. It doesn't really focus on many specific mythos based elements (I.E. Kosher foods), but . . .
Alright, in Inferno, Hell is filled with mosques. In chapter 2 of Lyra Cocta Melum, who-knows-where is filled with analogs for every place of worship you could imagine. Not because they're bad. Trust me, I'm not saying that religion is bad. That is the exact opposite of what I intend to say.
I'm Mormon myself, and I don't claim to know anymore about the reason we exist than anyone else. If you feel misrepresented by anything, tell me immediately and I'll change it immediately.

Where is the Roseluck tag? She has her own toys for hurple durple's sake!

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