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Melody Anarchy

I love music, I'm a follower of Discord and Luna. I sing, paint, write, dance and I'm kinda insane. I'm one of a kind you might say. Follow me I follow back!!!


New Account · 10:20am Jun 19th, 2015

Dear followers and friends,

Because of complications I will have to create a new account. Please search for me under the name Muse of Anarchy. I am sorry. Hopefully I will see you all soon.

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EVERYONE IS GEY! · 9:55am Jun 19th, 2015

Ok I know it's not MLP related but..... You gotta admit this is the best damn song you heard in a while. C'mon admit it don't be shy. :pinkiehappy:

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Am I the only one? · 11:35am Aug 8th, 2014

It has happened to all of us that we don't have any idea what are we gonna write or do or sing or whatever you like to do.

But has it ever happened that you just have too many ideas at once and then you just end up not doing anything and just develop all of those ideas. Or thinking how great they are until the reality kicks in and you just think they are horrible. So you just sit in spot.

Is this just me cause it's becoming a bit of a problem?

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I'm Confused! · 9:38pm Jun 21st, 2014

I'm really confused.

I know full well that the world is a cruel, cruel place. I never said otherwise. That would be denying everything true. But lying... That's wrong right?

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Me and OC · 11:18pm Feb 13th, 2014

I'm just going to describe my OC now so for those who wanna know, here it is.

My OC is a mare with a slender figure, just a few inches taller then a normal mare or sometimes even a stallion. Her name is Melody Fireheart, but she likes ponies to call her Shadow, just for fun.

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