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Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, little bronies? We never sleep, we never sleep... So watch your back! *cackles maniacally and jumps out of window* I'M NOT PAYING FOR THAT!!

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Such a powerful word with such a simple meaning. A word most ponies never hear in their life...
"Twilight Sparkle,"
A simple word meaning to be sent away as a form of punishment...
"You have been proven guilty,"
But I haven't done anything wrong, have I? Anything to deserve to be punished? Being framed? Is that a crime?
"You are banished from Equestria,"
Why would they all just give up on me? I know the truth, but they refuse to hear it. Why won't they just listen?
"You are required to leave at once."
Just listen.
Before war overtakes us all.

Featured-- 3/5/14
Give cover art respect where it is due, meaning this guy.

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In a world filled with ponies, and divided by right and wrong, is it wrong to do what you think is right, even if it's wrong, but it feels so right? The Cutie Mark Crusaders have found a way to trick father time himself, and attempt to earn their cutie marks by doing what somepony else has already done. Yes, they may stumble, and they may fall, but Cutie Mark Crusaders will rise above them all. No matter how many cold jail floors they face, or dungeon cells they're thrown into, the CMC will NEVER, EVER give up! They will almost always go for it. Why? Because they live by one motto: If it sounds cool, go for it.

a non-brony, "Oh, wow. That even inspired me."

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