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We go on a silly and odd adventure with these two ponies named Silver and Flare. This story is a comedic story of two ponies just trying to make it in this world. When Silver is just a little off and his best friend Flare is just trying to keep him from hurting himself. This adventure they try to get with there love ones but they do not realize who loves who. They only know who they love and who love them.
(This is not a Romance)

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The story of Octavia and the day she was born, this story will tell you where she came from and how she lived her life before she became this professional cello player. Read to find what she went through as a child, from her good and bad times of her life. Every pony has a story to tell but this one is the story of a Hopeful Melody.

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This is a story that was told many years ago, a story most royalty wouldn't share, a story that was in the shadows for years to come but now today it will be exposed, a story of Somber

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